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Limited Edition Copies Only Available. The missing history! The unrecorded quiet heroism! Spanning more than a half century of racial change from Briggs v. Elliott in 1949 to the Rally for the Removal of the Confederate Flag in 2000, Cecil Williams' expansive volume explores the Civil Rights Movement from the inside perspective of an activist and photojournalist. This is the story of people who changed the course of United States history and caused the national office of the NAACP to redirect its approach from suing separate but equal facilities to challenging segregation as a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. 'The Orangeburg Freedom Movement,' the second wave was the catalyst for the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which many historians claim was the beginning of America's Civil Rights Movement. Until recently, few people have heard of Briggs v. Elliott or the Orangeburg Freedom Movement. Readers will be enlightened by the indisputable photographic record of Cecil Williams as he profiles the heroic people in South Carolina who sacrificed for democratic reform and societal change. Notice: Limited edition copies only available for sale. Order today!
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