Visitors to the CECIL WILLIAMS CIVIL RIGHTS MUSEUM will have opportunities to:

• to see, read, and interact with events and people who endured life under segregation

• read about South Carolina & American history—often not in history books

• see/experience through the eyes and lens of journalist with a privileged and divine front-row seat to some of the 

most significant changes in the second half of the 20th Century.

• understand struggles often meant risk - freedom is not free

• heighten awareness of the unique African American history

• see/walk thru one of the ultra modern houses designed by the museum's founder,

Cecil Williams, who because of segregation was unable to attend Clemson to sturdy

architecture, but instead of being discouraged, transformed this rejection into a positive. He bought a drafting table, self-taught himself architecture, and designed this and two other homes; including one featured in JUNE 1977 EBONY.